Different Dental Imaging Techniques

When you first visit our practice, it is likely that our dentist will spend the majority of your visit running tests. This is so our dentist can verify if you are suffering from any dental issue and how the quickest form of solving will be. 

X-rays generally reveal the defects in your dental structure and various other problems with your teeth. It is also utilized to learn about the presence of cavities, dental infections, and oral masses that can be either harmless or threatening. Dental imaging is also used to study bone loss in a patient.

Dental imaging is an advanced procedure that entirely depends on the extent of radiation penetrating through the patient’s dental structures. This radiation hits the film and strikes an image that helps our dentist study the cause of the problem or pain that the patient is suffering from.

Please see below for the X-ray services we offer:

Digital X-Rays

Taking x-rays digitally is more convenient and produces more accurate, reliable results than before. This process is safer for the patients and quicker than traditional x-rays. A digital x-ray is safer because it doesn’t expose the patient to harmful x-ray radiations as the previous forms of technology. A digital x-ray is quicker because it gives results without delay, where the device is attached to a computer and shows the x-ray on screen immediately.

Intraoral Camera

This technology allows our dentist to take a clear view of your mouth from various angles, in order to directly verify if you have any problems with your teeth or gums. Our dentist will speak to you about your options, should this be the chosen method of treatment for you.

Oral Cancer Screening Through VELscope

This equipment is especially used for the screening of oral cancer. While oral cancer is not fatal, it can be a major problem if it is not diagnosed or treated in a timely manner. This technology helps in the identification of abnormal tissue development that commonly results in cancer. It also inspects abnormal changes in other parts of the mouth such as the tongue. Oral cancer screening through VELscope beneficial.

  • Fast and consistent treatment of cancer affected area
  • Identification of cancer-related issues at an early stage, unlike other procedures
  • Identification of oral cancer indications which are not visible to an unassisted eye

Digital X-Rays

Digital X-rays are more convenient and produce better, more accurate results than the traditional x-rays. Digital x-rays are safer because they do not expose the patient to harmful x-ray radiations, and are also much quicker for the dentist to use.

The x-ray machine is connected to a computer that showcases the image immediately after being taken.

Oral health has a great impact on your overall health.  Evansville Family Dentistry in Evansville, Indiana has an amazing dentist and dedicated team of professionals to assess and treat all of your dental needs!

Intraoral Camera

The intraoral camera comes with three options a dentist can make, depending on the procedure:

  • Bite-Wing X-Ray: This x-ray produces a result that incorporates the upper and lower teeth of a specific area in your mouth. This intraoral camera helps in detecting tooth decays, cavities or any other abnormality in the mouth.

  • Occlusal X-Ray: This intraoral camera focuses on the arch of the teeth, which It could be either the upper jaw or the lower jaw.

  • Periapical X-Ray: This x-ray produces a result that is limited to one tooth at a time, detecting even the smallest change in an individual’s dental structure.

If you have any questions, concerns, or doubts about our dental imaging services, please don't hesitate to contact us at 812-473-1400. Our team is here to answer any questions you may have.